Ana Morley founded Docent, LLC in 2008 with a vision to provide high-quality, practical physician education in an academic environment.  Partnering with top universities and medical centers, Docent, LLC courses are designed to offer real-world knowledge, skill and experience utilizing both the cadaver lab and the lecture hall.

Docent, LLC courses have been offered at the following medical centers: University of California, San Francisco; University of California, Los Angeles; University of California, Irvine; University of California, San Diego; University of California, Davis; University of Texas Southwestern Medical School; Baylor College of Medicine; University of Southern California; University of Miami; Emory University; Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Northwestern University. In some instances, Ana will also offer classroom-style cadaver courses in hotel ballrooms.

Prior to starting Docent, LLC Ana worked for a decade creating medical education for industry and has built a team of exceptional faculty in North America.

All Docent, LLC educational activities are ACCME-Accredited.



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What doctors are saying about Docent, LLC:

“The recent Human Cadaver Dissection Workshop was quite simply the best such continuing ed program I have ever attended!…I actually got to see the facial nerve and its branches which I have luckily missed hitting all these years…” W.C. Dermatologist


“I think the course was invaluable. Cadaver dissection provides an opportunity to carefully study anatomical structures that atlases, slides or even live surgery can not duplicate.” A.L. Plastic Surgeon

“Perhaps plastic surgeons see some of this anatomy routinely, but as an ophthalmologist this was the opportunity of a lifetime.” J.S. Ophthalmologist

“There is no experience as valuable as that which is “hands-on.” G.Z. MOHS surgeon

“The cadaver course was one of the best CME events I have been to, bar none. It was a unique event that allowed us to review anatomy in a way we haven’t since we were first year medical students.” H.C. Dermatologist

“I can honestly say the cadaver workshop was the best learning experience I had regarding facial anatomy since medical school.” J.C. Dermatologist

“Seeing the temporal artery and its relationship to the rest of the anatomy will aid my practice immensely.” K.K. Dermatologist

“The opportunity to participate in the dissection and view a number of different dissection specimens to truly understand the anatomy below was extremely sought after by the physicians as they moved from table to table sharing knowledge, experience and injection techniques.” R.M. Faculty, Facial Plastic Surgeon